VERDERVER is an incompliant chaos, devastating deadlocked limitations to strive for new orders. Arisen to infect the disfigured humanity and kill featherbrained double standards. Act one – ARTFREMD – shadowboxes with modern life apathy. Ignorance is a choice. There’s no excuse for not being pissed anymore. VERDERVER is just the openly exhibited dismay when there’s just deep silence. Thanks to our surreal addiction of ego excesses he woke up. In hysteria. Can’t handle all of this too much else than with his own embittered pitch black humour.

You are guilty of everything. So are we. But there’s so much more way more important than our little fucked up lifes. But we couldn’t care less as long as we can feed our swanky superstore lifes. Wanting everything right now, and nothing is enough. High five for our fancy highlife. Everyone join in: An Amen to exploitation – hallowed by the name, thy kingdom come…

„Und mit verhungernden Kindern finanzieren wir unsere Kunst.“

  • WELTUNTER was recorded & engineered by Rémi Gallego (The Algorithm)

  • Played at the biggest festival for progressive and experimental music: Euroblast Festival in Cologne


  • Support for Max & Iggor Cavalera "Return To Roots", for The Algorithm and also for Igorrr

  • Awarded at "Cottbuser FilmSchau 2018" - Public’s Choice Award for our video "ARTFREMD"